Cuppa Tea with Trenton Babbage


Now Trenton dear Cabbage, you will have to share it, not only because of your multiple personalities, but also because there are three cups. They are empty to avoid spills in transit, so you will have to fill them with colour yourself, on arrival.

I would suggest passing a cup with a sugar cube to dear PouringMyArtOut, just because. And try not to jump up and down too much when telling him I want to buy his book.

This is a special blend, commissioned by the newly appointed High Tea Officer Chris Thomas who will question you all about your Happiness in a way you’ve never been questioned before. At least not by anyone other than random Clinical Psychologists. Or the Happy-Pill-dispensing lurking Psychiatrist…

Here is a small version to easily package and spill on friends’ blogs, as you can see it is already full.

drink 2

(Pass it around carefully!)

Please do be so kind to direct me to the place where I can buy PMAO Arthur Browne’s eminent e-book… at the Edge of Everywhere is a large area to go searching for checkout counters…

126 thoughts on “Cuppa Tea with Trenton Babbage

  1. I was going to wonder why livers! Lol can one drink a unicorn?! The blood is beneficial I understand! Or is it the tears!? I not know!!


  2. Oh hee hee, a bit like Wal-Mart in America?
    We don’t really have such a thing here in Kiwi-land. Closest thing is probably The Warehouse, or various supermarket chains. Is it worse than death and imprisonment!?? πŸ˜‰ Fluorescent lights and checkout beep..blip..beep..beeep…


  3. Searest dister! Thou ast ne’er heard of the Coop?! Blessed be to them’s up the high places! The Cooperative?!
    Oh, dear blimey no!!
    It is world famous here in the uk!!
    It be a magic shop that sells groceries of all description!
    Even pasties pass their grubby doorways! Yes indeedy-oh!!


  4. Dear Tango Bravo Echo,

    I fear that my toilet is revolting any who, so tread carefully.
    The BL band are a staple diet for any yorkshire man, as is Rita, Sue and Bob Too. My apologies for pain caused.

    Many gang bangs against the wall,



  5. Dearest Charlie Papa Sierra India November Golf Lima Echo Tango Oscar November Esq:

    I bow to your cheese and marmite bathroom survival kit…if only because it’s just invaded and I need time to organise a proper revolt rather than just stand up to it as a singleton – no disrespect – so I’m just towing the line until the time is right.

    The song is Holidays in the Sun…the clue is in the video…agadon’t mention black lace again please…just don’t.

    Every crustacean is pronounced with an L…I don’t see the issue.

    Many issues

    Trenton Babbage


  6. I take your follow and see it with one of mine own!! I thunk that be a full hoose!
    I take mine strong and sweet like my women!
    Yaks are one of my strongest subjects! please watch to find out more! It would save my carpal tunnel!
    Is he a Yak farmer or a farmer of board games?! If the latter I need to pick his brains of harvesting cluedo. My boards always perish long before harvest time!


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