Yellow! Yell to sell… Yellow!

That was very yellow wasn’t it! More colourful artwork to follow…

Single Colourful Artwork

mandala6 col gold-wht 150px

$2 for One artwork.

Pink Heart

(It is fully coloured, unlike this preview which is only half done.)

Email me at if you would like the original on paper for $12 plus delivery.

Best deal for Healthy Creative Minds: 365+ Artworks

Gold Heart

Colour every day for a year with this set of over 365 artworks.

Heart banner 2013 Intro Offer - 440px

↓ Free colouring pic ↓

mandala6 bw 660px

And a Set of Five variations

mandala8 bw 150px mandala8 bw1 150px mandala7 bw 150px mandala6 bw 150px

Press the silver heart to buy the set.Silver Heart

There are three main pictures, and some variations in the circle borders, making a total of six.

Plus a bonus FREE desktop background, as pictured below.

mandala6 col dk-emb 1080px

Hope you enjoyed the show! There is more yet to come… this was the Yellow Yell Sell post…

Wow – you got this far!

Might as well leave a comment then? Go on, then… tell me what you love colouring the best…



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