Black and White – Free Single Colouring Pic

Sounds a bit like a dating advert!

Here it is:

mandala6 bw 660px

I will keep it separate from all the rest, specially for people who love to browse through the front page of the blog, and pick out a black and white colouring pic to colour in. I am sure there is a shorter way to say all that…

That’s it for me for Thursday. I am sooo wanting to get some paint out, and reckon there must be some square canvasses out there waiting for mandala circles to fill them to the corners. Well, not quite into the corners…

In the meantime… I have some watercolour paper that I could cut into squares and paint. That’s my next mission. It will be so much quicker I think, with paint instead of coloured pencils.

What do you use to colour?

4 thoughts on “Black and White – Free Single Colouring Pic

  1. Hope so! For even fuller use of imagination, there are plenty of Blank Frames to choose from! 😉
    I see I have got some mixed up in there that are not blank frames, silly me.
    And for those who want to blow the boundaries… pull out a fresh, untouched, blank piece of paper… scary stuff – no frame, no picture…! Then let loose with a good dose of creativity… you never know what might happen! 😉


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