The Artist’s Sketchpad – Mandala 3 – Calm Faith Endures

copy of mandala3 col USL

Calm Faith Endures © 2013 Anasera Trifonoff

$2 Download, fully coloured in

Half Colour, Half B&W  for FREE
Pink Heart icon48US Letter ♦ A4

Want to own the original?

If you would like the original artwork on paper to be delivered to you,

please email me

Special intro offer of $12 plus delivery.

copy of mandala3 bw 150px copy of mandala4 bw 150px copy of mandala5 bw 150px

A set of three for $5

Press the silver heart to downloadSilver Heart icon48

↓ FREE colouring pics are still available ↓

copy of mandala3 bw 660px

↑ FREE colouring pic ↑

Heart banner 2013 Intro Offer - 440px

365+ Colouring pictures for $12

Gold Heart icon48

Hello everyone!

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed today’s offering.

Happy colouring!


LOGO 162x104px 90pi


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