The Artist’s Sketchpad – Mandala 2 – Gentle Good Kind

mandala2 bw-col A4Gentle Good Kind © 2013 Anasera Trifonoff

$2 Download, fully coloured in

Half Colour, Half B&W  for FREE
Pink Heart icon48US Letter ♦ A4

No sets of five today – I have run out of time in the day!

And my shoulder is giving me jip.

Will see if I can churn out another set tomorrow…

or it might turn out to be a once every now and then sort of thing.

Silver Heart icon48

↓ FREE colouring pics are still available ↓

mandala2 bw 660px

↑ FREE colouring pic ↑

Heart banner 2013 Intro Offer - 440px

365+ Colouring pictures for $12

Gold Heart icon48

Hello everyone!

This lot took a whole day’s work too.

A template is set up so it will be quicker to upload tomorrow.

If you would like the original artwork on paper to be delivered to you,

please email me

Special intro offer of $12 plus delivery.

Happy colouring!


LOGO 162x104px 90pi


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