Let’s get creative!

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The 365+ artworks are ready

Now it’s time for a new venture.

See it unfold.

Like a flower bud.

New look for Wildersoul Colouring Book

My blog renovations are near complete. The colouring book will continue, and it is now divided into the most popular themes of Mandala, Blank Frames, Geometric & Knots, Realistic, and Abstract art. Each of these has a header as a Sticky Post near the top of the blog. New colouring pictures in these categories will automatically update inside these posts. If you have a look inside, you’ll see there is a list with thumbnail preview pics within the Sticky Post.

(*There is a delay with the Abstract and Realistic art sticky posts updating automatically. If it doesn’t update in a couple of days I’ll have to get some help to figure out what’s happening.)

The front page of the blog now has helpful information for guests when you scroll down. There is a list of categories to browse through, a Twitter box where you are welcome to tweet me, and a Facebook Like Box, among other bits and pieces. Ways to stay in touch.

There is a big blue “Older Posts” button, at the bottom left of the gallery display. If you press this, more pictures will appear and keep filling up the page, the same way as it used to automatically with Infinite Scroll. This is the way I have come up with to ensure that the free online colouring book continues as I move into Stage Two…



9 thoughts on “Let’s get creative!

  1. Stage Two has begun… I used to upload only black and white colouring pics. Stage Two is the Artist’s Sketchpad where I will do my own colouring in, and start offering it for sale.
    (Secret just for you — Stage Three ((shh)) will be when I start painting and offering sale and delivery of originals. I am warming up to it.)


  2. More yellow would only make it better, but I like very much what you’ve done with the place; i look forward to stage two…unless I’ve come in at a random point and have actually seen stage two without realising it……in which case; I love stage two too!


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