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Colouring and Fine Art

The last six months or so, from February 2013 I have been uploading an artwork a day to the free online colouring book. A long time ago, I used to exhibit my artwork, and loved to paint, in a very expressive manner. My love for painting is reviving, and I want to shift my focus now, from the colouring book, to producing fine art. What will this mean for you? Possibly not much at all, meaning that pictures will still be available for you to colour in, which is good for the soul.

For me, it means focusing on colour. I want to colour every day, and my black and white pictures will now be preliminary sketches for my paintings. Or a collection of ideas in visual form, for inspiration.

I am expecting to go very slowly on this path, beginning by colouring in my own colouring pictures. Probably with coloured pencils. Then move on to other media. I still require something “easy” for me to do, and time is also important. So to produce a painting in a day, I want to keep to the colouring book style that has developed over the last few months. This is Stage Two for me. And there will be a Stage Three…

The next post is the final post to create a “Sticky” Banner on the front page of this blog. This Banner will mark where the free online colouring book begins. As there is something new coming for the top section of the blog. I will also adjust the Menu at the top of the blog so it is easy to get to the free online colouring book with one click.

Happy colouring to all of you,

Anasera.  (I will start using my real name, as I move into Stage Two, and develop as an artist.)


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