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The Book is Complete

Small version available in paperback.

365+ artworks available for download; print any time, many times.

Free online colouring book continues.

Bring on the Colour!

It’s time to add some colour. And move more into fine arts. While keeping colouring pages free. And offering a selection of variations for sale. Along with sale of coloured-in versions, as “prints” for a very reasonable price.

Look forward to something like the following format.


Arriving, © 2013 Anasera Trifonoff

Pink Heart icon48Normally $2 to download…

Tis free today!

May offer colour originals at $12 plus delivery cost in future.

Silver Heart icon48Silver Heart icon48Love I'll be there nurturefamily protector comfortSilver Heart icon48Silver Heart icon48

Silver Heart

$5 for set of Five.

Except for this lot, which is only $2

because that’s the price I had already given them earlier! 🙂



Heart banner 2013 Intro Offer - 440px

The $2 price will be for the Big Colourful Picture and if I can figure out shipping logistics I may offer a $12 Original

The smaller images will be available to download as a set of five for sale, at full size.

Gold Heart icon48

365+ Artworks for $12

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