monkfish 2 Seagullsflower geo 10Asymmetry white 90dpi funny bird sunday outline

Hellooo! - I am thinking a little bit about live art performance of some sort… so this is my first test-run of the webcam and headset. The sound is a bit scratchy… it still gives you an idea of my sort of kiwi accent, and well, what I look like in my hat! Like the pink butterfly? […]
Jellyfish feeding -   Just for fun. Can you draw a jellyfish feeding? Or feeding a fish jelly?
Snail sunrise - Somehow racing snails come to mind when I look at this… What do you see? ~WilderSoul
Seagulls - Here are two seagulls flying! Where do you reckon they’re off to? Happy colouring, ~WilderSoul (by the way, there are some creative links at wildersoul3.wordpress.com… in the sidebar) (PPS. I am testing this picture out to see if it fits better for dual purpose; here and an e-book.) (Edit: Mwah-hah! Perfect size.)
Monkfish - It’s e-book planning time again. The best ratio to make e-book pictures is apparently 9:11. So I am posting two versions here. One is smaller, to fit my featured image size for the front page. Hope it displays okay! And the other is a little larger and I’ll test it out on an e-book page. […]
Bumblebee - Yeah yeah – I will see if I can get him to smile next time! I think he’s just busy drinking nectar and buzzing pollen off the flower! Perhaps you could brighten up his day with a rhyme or a joke. Did you know that bumblebees make honey? It’s just for their brood though, and […]
Butterfly 5, feel alive! - Butterfly in the spotlight, displaying perfect symmetry…Plenty of circles to colour in this one!
Geometric: Butterflies! - Continuing the series of butterfly pics for the Butterfly Woman who works hard to ensure the survival of pollinators of all kinds in the beautiful Massachusetts. Perhaps a good homeschool activity for kids? Feel free to print and colour some butterflies! I like the expression on this one’s face. How about adding a nose and […]
Butterflies~ here they come! - As promised – butterfly pictures! There is a series of larger pictures destined for a special colouring page for kids which is currently under construction at Butterfly Woman Publishing. Nature has such a beautiful and complex balance.  We need butterflies, birds and bees to pollinate flowers. Without them the flowers would not set seed. Look […]
Twin flowers -   Some unusual flowers… Can you spot the Wildersoul logo?  (Cool ascii art by Jim at the RFB)
Strange kiwi bird - Yes…. this is the place where you are allowed to add your own unique marks to the drawings!  Have fun!  And choose some groovy colours… ·•··•·WɨÏÐër·•·§ÖüL·•··•·  
Fight -    
Henny Penny Eye See You -   The name just popped into my head!  The picture started with an eye and then morphed into a bird, well I never!  Have fun colouring. That’s it for me today.  And perhaps for a few days, while I focus on other things.  Exciting things are ahead. 🙂
Love lost -   Oh that’s right, I called it Love Lost.  I forgot and had to look it up.  Look at it flying away!  Actually, maybe it could be Love Found, and it is a heart flying closer! 🙂  Let it be whatever it is for you.
Space flight - In a great rush I scribbled this one down, along with a couple of pics showing the sort of process I went through to build the picture.  Crazy. And rushed.  Basically, a circle, square and triangle, and a bit of craziness.
Book cover design Out-Take - Hey there colouring enthusiasts, this is a book cover design that I won’t be using, so why let it go to waste?  I had fun colouring it last night – lots of rainbow colours glowing around the planet, and within. Watch out for the little monster about to peel off the invisible barcode and gobble […]
Skyhead tears - Doodling comes up with the oddest things sometime… have you been doodling lately?
Teeny tiny mini-landscapes - Almost getting to postage stamp minisculity. See all the blank space around the miniature landscapes?  That’s where your creativity can let loose! ~WilderSoul
Doormat Crazies - Not sure what to think of this one – it looked like a doormat when I finished with it.  Started out with the little rat-dragon on the left with a butterfly tongue curling out of its nose!  Poems or songs are most welcome.  Same as names for the crazy creatures!   I will post one […]
Funny Bird, a bit of nonsense… - I don’t know what to say about this funny bird.  Perhaps the big old climbing tree chopped down out the front of our place has seeped into my art.  It was very sad, and somehow related to family and grandparents.  I tried to make a graph paper symmetrical picture, really I did!  This funny bird […]
Space Face - Here’s a strange Space Face after a strange end to a strange day.
Asymmetry on graph paper -                 And this is what it looked like before I lifted it off the maths paper….   Happy Colouring! ~WilderSoul   PS. Preparations for the paperback colouring book are coming along well.  I have installed a lovely Office Suite called LibreOffice which is free and works very well. […]
Days of the Week: White Wednesday - The blank white canvas beckons us to let the creativity flow…  and to battle with the blocks and resistance that try to tell us we cannot.  Sometimes it is a release of resistance to just go wild and scribble all over the white canvas…  Go for it!   I will need to get a hurry […]
Days of the Week: Brown Sunday - I thought of the colour brown and looked at each letter in the word “S U N D A Y” to figure out what would fit best into that shape.  Have a look through and see if you can guess what the letter ‘S’ looks like.  I reckon it is a bit ambiguous and would […]
Imaginary sea creatures that need to be named - Can you think of a groovy name to call these ‘sea-creatures?’  I am not sure that they would come under the general term ‘amoeba’ or ‘protozoa,’ what do you think?  Or maybe they are space creatures!?
Just horsing around - After a lot of scribbling furiously to overcome artist’s block (yes a little bit like writer’s block), along came this horse.  I think it is falling apart a little, what do you reckon?  Looks pretty strong to me, like it is carrying on regardless, and knows where it is going…

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  1. I did some drama, community theatre, clowning, tv & film and stage & screen acting courses. I do enjoy it 😉
    Some of that might leeakk out of me sometime…… !


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