Geo roundel flower 13 thingyGeo roundel flower

Circles and Squares -   Circles and squares are something that you can arrange so many different ways… Somehow this one reminds me of an atom. What do you see within the shapes? If you like, try creating a pattern of your own on a blank frame. Happy colouring! ~WilderSoul                   […]
365+ Artworks available now to download and print offline as many times as you wish, any time. - *Offer Expired* Click here for details Available Now, 365+ Artworks for $12 When you come visit You’ll see something like this: Hi! Colouring in helped my healing from post-traumatic stress. I am passionate about making colouring pictures available to others, worldwide. This mission combines my background in the arts, with my avid interest in […]
Geo Roundel Flower Garden… where all the roundels gather - A big beautiful garden full of roundels. Have fun! ~WilderSoul
Geo Roundel Number 13, yippee, last one before the garden! -   This one has lots of smaller shapes within to colour. Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you would like this one in a larger page size. Here is a bit of inspiration at a wonderfully creative blog by Selina Shapland. I just love her circles, and geometric shapes. Drop in for […]
Geo Roundel Flower No. 12 -   I’m going crazy with the tags on this one! You know, there is a book somewhere that has a CD with a mandala generator on it. It has a million possible combinations! I enjoyed coming up with some variations, and must say that at 1:39am I am going a little crazy posting so many! […]
Geo circle flower #11 -   Okay, there are less lines on this one, and it stills looks like a flower to me. What would you like to draw, or colour in the middle? ~WilderSoul
Geo Roundel Flower #9 -   One more flower pattern, or is is a star? ~WilderSoul
Geo Roundel Flower No. 8 -   I can picture wax crayons colouring this one! How about you? ~WilderSoul
Weekend Blank frames sort of… Celtic knots! -   Yes, I got carried away on my day off! What have you been up to this weekend?
Geo Roundel Flower No. 7 -   Moon shapes and flowers. I still reckon it’s a waterlily. What do you see? ~WilderSoul
Geo Roundel Flower No. 6 -   Quite like the stitching effect with the dashed lines. This one also reminds me of a waterlily. How about you? ~WilderSoul
Geo Roundel Flower No. 5 -   This is a scheduled post. Do you see how it arrives exactly on the dot, on time? It’s exactly 9:00am here, and you may notice that tomorrow’s post will arrive at exactly the same time! That’s not because I am a highly efficient organized art posting machine… It’s because I foresee troubles with regularity […]
You are invited! -     Even more details at Radioactive Eyeball Feel free to copy the invitation and pass it on! Or splash on some colours that mean Celebration! What colours would you like most? Happy colouring, ~WilderSoul PS… there are many more circle colouring pics arriving, at 9.00am NZST for the next few days. There will be […]
Geo Roundel Flower No. 4 -   Oh what to do! I have a baker’s dozen of these, and I don’t know whether to put them in the same post, spread them over many posts instantly, or use the Scheduled Post button so they keep popping up for days. I think I will schedule them, so you don’t get flooded with […]
Geo Roundel #Flower 2 -   Waterlilies make ripples with their fingertips! Happy colouring! ~WilderSoul (PS. Party coming soon… will let you all know what time it starts. Friday for us here in NZ is probably sometime on Thursday for most! It will be the opening night for our new collaborative blog)
Geo Roundel – Flower number One - Geometry here in its rounder form – circles within a circle pick a bunch of flower-filled ~ ~ ready-to-colour ~ ~ roundels
Geo Roundel -   Three for the road! New blog coming soon, think of your favourite party food for the Opening Night… yum… I’m getting some music ready for the party. ~WilderSoul
Blank circle frames and a heart or two… - Creative souls, here are some new blank frames for you to colour in. Who would have guessed these would be the all-time favourite choice for my creative guests to colour! I had a quick peek at my stats today, and knew I must make more blank frames to give you all a bit of variety! […]
Knotted Butterfly - Good  morning! This is once again a combination of a Celtic Knot, with an animal, geometric repeat pattern, and Mandala. And a bit of a step-by-step to the creation process…. Enjoy… Step One: Scribble! It’s a bit like learning how to draw a star without taking your pencil off the paper. Step Two: Smooth out […]
Butterfly 6 - My sizing has got mixed up – so here is a giant butterfly roundel and a tiny roundel, both out of the ordinary!  I thought the butterflies looked a bit like a large flower, and the frame looked a bit like a plate. At some point I would like to come up with an image […]
Four circles - Like ripples in a pond, on a rainy day.  What do you see?
Knotted Circles Four - The womb.  Life growing one cell at a time linking and multiplying.  Pushing the boundaries. Always asking for more. Seeking unity. Seeking true form.  Becoming. And irrevocably entwined.  It’s me.  One circle.  And each circle inside.     One poem for a change.  Feel free to add your own… If you’re not too shy, drop […]
Another knot – getting a bit Celtic - I am fascinated by Celtic knot designs.  And you guys will see me start from zero ability in making them, to hopefully getting quite good.  I encourage all to try something new, and keep on at it, learning more as you go along.  A little bit each day really does start adding up to something. […] has my colouring book ready for you! - The moment has arrived and here is the link at Or, visit and search for “Wildersoul.” All the best, and wishing you all a colourful world of expression. ~WilderSoul
Blank round frame - The moment you’ve been waiting for… here it is, ready to fill with wonder…
Days of the Week: Ruby Red Tuesday - I am in a rush this morning, to get outdoors.  I studied some images of rubies, the cut gemstones, for today’s Color of the Week.  Thanks for the inspiration Mama Bear Musings!
Geometric - I am throwing in an extra one to colour, with a blank centre. ~WilderSoul
Circles and squiggles again - It’s becoming part of my morning routine to squiggle up a picture, then do some colouring in.  It seems to have a calming effect which continues through the day.  This one reminds me of a swirly marble.  ~WilderSoul
Circle and squiggles - Here’s today’s doodling.  Perhaps some more to follow a bit later. 🙂  ~WilderSoul
Circle Swirl - Happy Colouring! It’s been a busy day, and there is now a Facebook page for the Wildersoul Free Online Colouring Book, and a Fundrazr advert to raise some funds for a year of artwork to upload. Has anyone tried out  It is a place to draw online with others.  I recommend it as a […]
Creative souls here is a blank circle to frame your colouring work… - There’s something about looking at the blank canvas and dreaming up what it will become.  Are you ready for the challenge? ~WilderSoul
Circles - Here’s the newest geometric colouring sheet… all the best in your colouring adventures… ~WilderSoul
Star 12 - This one was interesting to create.  Hope it gives you some pleasant colouring time.   Does you have any requests for drawings?  (No promises that I can do them.) See if you can challenge me.   ~WilderSoul
Sea Star - Having fun with figuring out how to transform different kinds of objects into outlines.  Hope you enjoy the effect, and have fun colouring.  ~WilderSoul
Square dancing - I’m getting the hang of how to create these digital images…  Happy colouring.
Circles and squares - Hi everyone,  I have been a little unwell, and found it difficult to draw for a couple of days.  So here’s something a bit different that I’ve figured out how to do on the computer.  I’ve got a few ideas on geometric shapes, and will soon post some more squares and circles, and also some […]

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