Geometric & Knots

Weekend blank frames 28JUL -5blue butterfly 8STAR FRAME CELTIC TRIANGLESpng

Starry starry night… - Tiled star patterns remind me of patchwork quilts and marble floor tiles. What do you see in this one?   For a bit of extra inspiration, here are some star tessellations from a Google Image Search.
Circles: Celtic knot in 3D - This is my first attempt to make a Celtic knot in 3D. I hope to carve one in stone one day. It is made out of Jovi modelling clay, and took two goes to get it to look like this, and I know, it is not round like a circle. One day! Here is the […]
Knot Theory – No wonder it is a challenge to learn! - Check out the complexities of learning Knot Theory!
Square 3D box -   Where do you stand?
365+ Artworks available now to download and print offline as many times as you wish, any time. - *Offer Expired* Click here for details Available Now, 365+ Artworks for $12 When you come visit You’ll see something like this: Hi! Colouring in helped my healing from post-traumatic stress. I am passionate about making colouring pictures available to others, worldwide. This mission combines my background in the arts, with my avid interest in […]
Geometric tangles - I have been playing with repeating patterns again. It’s a bit messy. Looks better with a bit of colour!  One day I may come up with something to cover a couch. This time I wanted to get rid of any straight lines in the pattern which might give away the edges of the repeat. Not […]
Geo Roundel Flower Garden… where all the roundels gather - A big beautiful garden full of roundels. Have fun! ~WilderSoul
Geo Roundel Number 13, yippee, last one before the garden! -   This one has lots of smaller shapes within to colour. Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you would like this one in a larger page size. Here is a bit of inspiration at a wonderfully creative blog by Selina Shapland. I just love her circles, and geometric shapes. Drop in for […]
Geo circle flower #11 -   Okay, there are less lines on this one, and it stills looks like a flower to me. What would you like to draw, or colour in the middle? ~WilderSoul
Weekend Blank frames sort of… Celtic knots! -   Yes, I got carried away on my day off! What have you been up to this weekend?
Geo Roundel Flower No. 5 -   This is a scheduled post. Do you see how it arrives exactly on the dot, on time? It’s exactly 9:00am here, and you may notice that tomorrow’s post will arrive at exactly the same time! That’s not because I am a highly efficient organized art posting machine… It’s because I foresee troubles with regularity […]
You are invited! -     Even more details at Radioactive Eyeball Feel free to copy the invitation and pass it on! Or splash on some colours that mean Celebration! What colours would you like most? Happy colouring, ~WilderSoul PS… there are many more circle colouring pics arriving, at 9.00am NZST for the next few days. There will be […]
Geo Roundel – Flower number One - Geometry here in its rounder form – circles within a circle pick a bunch of flower-filled ~ ~ ready-to-colour ~ ~ roundels
Geo Roundel -   Three for the road! New blog coming soon, think of your favourite party food for the Opening Night… yum… I’m getting some music ready for the party. ~WilderSoul
Knotted butterfly snowflake -  If you click on this first one, you’ll see more detail. The others are already at full size. It took me hours to load this one, as it has heaps of detail in it. The knotted butterflies are in the spokes of the snowflake. It started as a border, and I added the Celtic triangles […]
Bird knot - Humble beginnings…   
Knotted Butterfly - Good  morning! This is once again a combination of a Celtic Knot, with an animal, geometric repeat pattern, and Mandala. And a bit of a step-by-step to the creation process…. Enjoy… Step One: Scribble! It’s a bit like learning how to draw a star without taking your pencil off the paper. Step Two: Smooth out […]
Oops missed this one! - Here’s a butterfly repeat pattern… How will you colour this one?   Happy colouring, ~WilderSoul
Monday gotta get started – try something new… - Here is a combination of Mandala, butterfly, Celtic knot, and geometric repeat pattern… (Oops – I forgot to add the repeat pattern! Here is it is here.) And here are the steps I took to make it. And of course it’s okay to colour the variations… Happy Colouring! ~WilderSoul PS. Have you seen me furiously […]
Daffodils to brighten your day! - Top o’ the morning to yer, I’m on a roll with the geometric repeat patterns, and accidentally stumbled upon a daffodil. At least that’s what it looks like to me… What do you see in this one? I am a single bloom… I am multiplied by four, and we protect a mini-me placed in the […]
Geometric Repeat Pattern: And how I dunnit! - Those of you following me from the start will know I’ve been gnawing away at the problem of how to create repeat patterns with geometric shapes. I had a breakthrough moment this morning as I lay half asleep and my eyes stared vacantly at a skirt draped over a chair which had jaggedy flower shapes […]
Butterfly 6 - My sizing has got mixed up – so here is a giant butterfly roundel and a tiny roundel, both out of the ordinary!  I thought the butterflies looked a bit like a large flower, and the frame looked a bit like a plate. At some point I would like to come up with an image […]
Perfect Square 2 + Colour - Same shape as you saw in my last post… This one has my colourful scribbles on it, and a couple of stick figures… Just want you to know it doesn’t have to be serious… anything goes.   Thoughts – and I know you’ll have your own… so this is just one angle on it!  A […]
Perfect Square - (Warning – there is a business poll at the lower half of this post! It might make me spend money, depending on the results!) Wonder who else is learning how to draw knots and geometric shapes along with me? This one is messing about with tessellations.  The trick is to make a perfect square and […]
Tangles - Nah, it’s not a Knot, it’s a Tangle! (That’s MR Tangle to you!)  I have slept maybe one hour in the last 21 hours, and I am in that kind of strange space where this picture looks like some dude standing guard.  Superhero-type, with a cape!  Maybe glowing visor, and long moustache!  Can anyone still […]
Celtic beauty - Just have to share this link to truly beautiful Celtic designs on a clock and a door harp!  Thanks Eric Wilson! Now that I’ve mastered knotting basic squares and circles, I am inspired to move into some spirals, and combinations of shapes… Here’s some Celtic music – I really enjoyed watching the video.   Yeah, […]
Celtic Frame -   Here’s a blank frame for you, Celtic-style!  Colour away me hearties!
Swan 2 - Now this one is made of two Swan shapes, flipped vertically so they overlap each other.  What does this one look like to you? Anasera / WilderSoul
Swan, and Swan 1 - This is the first of a series based on a geometric shape that looks a bit like a swan…     It doesn’t look like a swan any more does it!?  What do you reckon these creatures could be?   Happy colouring, ~WilderSoul
Heartbeat - For a change I wrote the name of this picture before I started drawing it.  It is an off-the-cuff response to the word ‘heartbeat.’ Happy colouring, peoples! •··–WiÏÐër·–·§ÖüL–··•
Four circles - Like ripples in a pond, on a rainy day.  What do you see?
Knotted Circles Four - The womb.  Life growing one cell at a time linking and multiplying.  Pushing the boundaries. Always asking for more. Seeking unity. Seeking true form.  Becoming. And irrevocably entwined.  It’s me.  One circle.  And each circle inside.     One poem for a change.  Feel free to add your own… If you’re not too shy, drop […]
Knot Today -   I reckon I am ready to create some beautiful page borders for a book. I’ve got the basic principles of knotting and weaving things together.  This is going to be fun.  The other exciting thing I learned is that an ebook can have pictures in it – they just need to be zipped up […]
Strange kiwi bird - Yes…. this is the place where you are allowed to add your own unique marks to the drawings!  Have fun!  And choose some groovy colours… ·•··•·WɨÏÐër·•·§ÖüL·•··•·  
Eye - There are so many things to See in this one, Eye think!  What do you see? ·•··•·WɨÏÐër·•·§ÖüL·•··•· (Cool ascii art logo courtesy of the Running Son at
Geometric Repeat Pattern: Surprise -   I am surprising myself now with these patterns.  Thanks Jim at for the ascii art logo which is hopefully inconspicuous enough so that people can make the picture their own when creating the much needed colours within.  While making it really simple to credit the original work to Wildersoul in case others might […]
Bird and SMILE - I am in a rush so here it is real quick and I’ll come back later to write, tag, categorize etc!  Had lots of fun creating this one, and hope you have fun colouring!  Wishing you all a lovely day! ·•··•·WɨÏÐër·•·§ÖüL·•··•· (Like my new signature created by Jim at
Geometric Repeat Pattern: Flipstar, and The Making Of Flipstar… -   Okay – this is really cool fun to make!  I hope it is cool fun to colour!  It reminds me of persian lights made of handblown blue glass, with gold fixings.  In a room filled with richly embroidered maroon, scarlet and gold cushions, scattered heavily on ornate Persian rugs. This is the making of […]
Geometric Repeat Patterns: Shine like a star - Hey there my Wildersoul blog Family! Okay guys, this is what it started out like.  I was inspired by a beautiful pattern embossed in gold on a classic old book cover.  My daughter pointed out the repeat, as it all kind of blends together when I look at it.  So here is the single unit […]
Knotted Six -   In response to the Running Son’s challenge.  Thanks Jim!  Celtic knots tie my mind up in knots!
Another knot – getting a bit Celtic - I am fascinated by Celtic knot designs.  And you guys will see me start from zero ability in making them, to hopefully getting quite good.  I encourage all to try something new, and keep on at it, learning more as you go along.  A little bit each day really does start adding up to something. […]
My first Knot - I am starting to get the hang of the knotting of squares, and am hoping for something almost Celtic-looking soon…  I’ll keep at it.  Hope you enjoy colouring it! Maybe it could do with some unicorns to liven it up a bit?  What else might cavort within or around the knots?  Have a bit of […]
Geometric Repeat Pattern: Pineapple -   It reminds me of a pineapple somehow.  Maybe because I’m hungry! Happy Colouring, ~WilderSoul has my colouring book ready for you! - The moment has arrived and here is the link at Or, visit and search for “Wildersoul.” All the best, and wishing you all a colourful world of expression. ~WilderSoul
Geometric Repeat Patterns: 5 -   I have lost count, that’s okay, five is a good number!  It’ll do!  I wonder what this will look like coloured in…  Oh the mystery!
Geometric Repeat Patterns: 4 -   I am beginning to see a pattern to this… hehe.
Geometric Repeat Patterns: 3 -   It was fun flipping the original image and seeing how it fitted together.  I want to figure out how to make lines go in front of and behind other lines, or shapes.  I guess what I really mean, is that I want to find an easier way to do it!  For those who like […]
Geometric Repeat Patterns: 2 - Here’s the first of a series based on this design.  It gets a bit intricate as I squish copies of itself together in different ways. I will load a number of pictures today, to make sure no-one runs out of colouring for the next week or two.  I want to get ahead of myself so […]
Repeated Geometric Shapes: Chevron flipped - Thought that flipping the chevron around on itself might look interesting.  Lots of diamonds in here now! I’ll keep working on the repeated shapes, with no promises to get as good as Escher!  
Geometric repeat patterns: Chevron -   I’m new to chevron-making!  Hope to get some more complex geometrics done, with repeat patterns.  I like tessellations, and it would be cool if I could get good at them.  Hope you can put up with me learning on the job! Happy Colouring, ~WilderSoul PS. Remember to check out the new paperback Wildersoul Colouring […]

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