Blank Frames

Blank square frame 1blank frame circles 3STAR FRAME CELTIC TRI BLANK.png

Love - What color is love? Colour a blank frame and show us what love can look like. Take a quick snap and drop us a link, or pingback in the comments. Oops that one wasn’t blank…. But it does have a heart! Happy colouring and creating! Wildersoul
Grid - What will you do with this simple colouring grid? Take a step into your creativity, you might surprise yourself with what comes out in this simple exercise. Happy gridding, Wildersoul
Colourful blank frame - Dear Colouring Community, Here’s another colourful blank frame to colour in. Wildersoul Colouring Book is still available at Along with a huge selection of truly beautiful adult colouring books. Happy colouring, With love, Wildersoul Posted from WordPress for Android
Colourful Blank Frame - Dear Colouring Community, Can you create your own colouring picture in the middle of this colourful frame? Go on, have a go… Love, Wildersoul
Blank Frames: Three-sided to twenty-sided! - What sort of creative things can you get up to with these blank frames? For those new to the blog, just click on the image to enlarge it, and print it out from a new window. Happy colouring! ~WilderSoul PS. Check out the googolgon at
Rock Garden - Add your own poem, or haiku… Happy Colouring! ~WilderSoul
365+ Artworks available now to download and print offline as many times as you wish, any time. - *Offer Expired* Click here for details Available Now, 365+ Artworks for $12 When you come visit You’ll see something like this: Hi! Colouring in helped my healing from post-traumatic stress. I am passionate about making colouring pictures available to others, worldwide. This mission combines my background in the arts, with my avid interest in […]
Blank frames for creative souls – Squares… -   Creative souls, here is a belated set of blank frames for the weekend just gone by. It’s all about being square… Room for your own colours and designs in the picture, and within the frame, and even outside the frame if you wish! Have fun with it, let loose that creativity… ~WilderSoul (PS, I […]
Geo circle flower #11 -   Okay, there are less lines on this one, and it stills looks like a flower to me. What would you like to draw, or colour in the middle? ~WilderSoul
Weekend Blank frames sort of… Celtic knots! -   Yes, I got carried away on my day off! What have you been up to this weekend?
You are invited! -     Even more details at Radioactive Eyeball Feel free to copy the invitation and pass it on! Or splash on some colours that mean Celebration! What colours would you like most? Happy colouring, ~WilderSoul PS… there are many more circle colouring pics arriving, at 9.00am NZST for the next few days. There will be […]
Weekend Blank Frames - I would like to present a gift of some blank frames to colour in. They are so easy to make, and yet I often forget how much pleasure I get from colouring them! This will hopefully turn into a weekly offering, if I can get my new routine sorted! The pic of the week will […]
Jellyfish sunrise, and blank frame generator… - I did a series of ink drawings while thinking about what a sunrise means to me. This is the last of the series. And probably the most un-sunrise looking one! Don’t ask me, I just drew it! If you slide on over to, and click the button there, a random new circle frame pops […]
Blank circle frames and a heart or two… - Creative souls, here are some new blank frames for you to colour in. Who would have guessed these would be the all-time favourite choice for my creative guests to colour! I had a quick peek at my stats today, and knew I must make more blank frames to give you all a bit of variety! […]
Celtic Frame -   Here’s a blank frame for you, Celtic-style!  Colour away me hearties! has my colouring book ready for you! - The moment has arrived and here is the link at Or, visit and search for “Wildersoul.” All the best, and wishing you all a colourful world of expression. ~WilderSoul
Days of the Week: White Wednesday - The blank white canvas beckons us to let the creativity flow…  and to battle with the blocks and resistance that try to tell us we cannot.  Sometimes it is a release of resistance to just go wild and scribble all over the white canvas…  Go for it!   I will need to get a hurry […]
Another blank frame for you to colour as you please… - Here’s a couple of variations:   If you would like to share your creation with others who love to colour too, let’s do what the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge does:  Just upload your artwork to your own blog, and make the title “Wildersoul Colours,” and tag it “wildersoul” so it is easy for others to […]
Triangles anyone? Freedom to colour your own original creation with this blank frame. - I keep thinking about cutting out my triangle artwork when it is all colourful and finished.  And making a few of them and blutacking them up on the wall together, interlocking with each other to make a pattern.  Have you got some ideas to share with your colouring community?  Just drop a quick comment, I […]
Creative souls here is a blank circle to frame your colouring work… - There’s something about looking at the blank canvas and dreaming up what it will become.  Are you ready for the challenge? ~WilderSoul
Your turn to create… - Hey there, it’s the weekend and I am having a couple of days off from creating colouring sheets.  So here is a blank frame for you to create your own artwork inside.  All the best with your colouring over the weekend.  ~WilderSoul

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