A-Z the letter F, and a set of five

The letter F

F exotica

Heart banner 2013 Intro Offer - 440px

Single Artwork

Pink Heart icon48US letter (8.5″ x 11″) with single line border

A4 (210mm x 297mm) with single line border

Enter promotion code ABCDEF to receive 100% discount. (Instant download for free.)

Eventually I will run a paid colouring book, and this promotion code will allow you to download artwork for free as per normal.  Have a go to see how comfortable you feel about Sellbox.

Normally $2

Set of Five

Silver Heart icon48A, B, C, D and E all zipped up into one easy file to download.
Standard Size (660px x 540px) set of five with Wildersoul borders as seen above

Enter promotion code ABCDEF to instantly download 100% FREE.

Saves time on visiting each page to download colouring pictures for the week.

Normally $5 for the set.

Gold Membership

Gold Heart icon48Coming soon!
(Really, you are a Gold member already, because you are here, and the online colouring book is FREE.)

Normally $12 for a special introductory 12-month subscription, you save over $718! Instantly download at least 365 artworks, (I don’t know how instant that would really be, we shall give it a trial run first!) Less than 3c per artwork.

You get to browse an entire years’ worth of colouring pics offline, from the comfort of your own desktop. Great for therapists who would like to save on internet costs. Also great for schools, hospitals and rest homes or retirement villages. Print and copy a colouring picture a day for your group.

Please contact me if you are interested in this special offer. Email wildersoul@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “A-Z the letter F, and a set of five

  1. Lovely! F is for fabulous, and I agree… I love these letters, and loved colouring my first one the other Day. (D is for Day, and I Did enjoy Drawing with my coloured pencils, it was truly Delicious!) Hope all is well with you, and the F for Frazzle is wearing oFF. 🙂


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