Geometric tangles

Tile bird colbk 660x540px 90dpi

I have been playing with repeating patterns again. It’s a bit messy. Looks better with a bit of colour!  One day I may come up with something to cover a couch. This time I wanted to get rid of any straight lines in the pattern which might give away the edges of the repeat. Not quite Escher, but we’re getting there! Let’s not get too serious. Happy colouring!

Tile bird guides 660x540px 90dpi
Here’s the basic pattern. I took a square apart and stuck it on the corners.
Tile bird guides2 660x540px 90dpi
I made some patterns to stick on to the ends of the square corners. And some more for the ends of the circle I took apart.
Tile bird wireframe fatqtr 660x540px 90dpi
This is what it looks like without the squares and circles.
Tile bird 660x540px 90dpi
Four of them stuck together, to make a tile.
Tile bird col 660x540px 90dpi
Had fun colouring the tile.

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