A-Z the Letter E, for enough…

That’s what it stood for on our car dashboard! E for enough…

E exotica 640x540

The usual free colouring pic… You know what to do…

E is for….. must be poem time! Some elongated elephants, or emus in extenuating circumstances…

Let’s see, that’s the colouring and poem therapy covered… Now for the business therapy…

Business is fun, money is energy (E for Energy) which flows to where it is needed, and there is enough to go around. When I watch the birds pecking for worms, I see them now and then find one. Not every peck finds a worm. Yep, this is me pecking!

Pink Heart

Press the Pink Heart. Come and visit me at Sellbox. Promo Code ABCDEF for FREE download at Full Size

Press the Pink Heart to go through to my Sellbox. Enter the Promotion Code ABCDEF to receive a 100% discount, yep, that means it is FREE.

All because I want to find a way for my colouring book to remain free for my regular followers, when I start selling pictures to groups of people such as therapists, or even hospitals and rest homes or retirement villages, next year. (If not sooner, peck, peck…)

Ideally, I would like to upload one picture, and have it available for everyone, at three different prices. FREE, or two dollars for a single one-off purchase, which is more like a donation really. Then five dollars for a set of five pictures, such as the letters A, B, C, D, and E. Oooh… I will zip them all together and make a button for them too. A silver heart perhaps… mmm… yeah…. And last but not least at all, the magnificent $12 for 12 months, with unlimited downloads of the 2013 colouring book, with over 365 artworks, great value at less than 3c each, a saving of over $718, for a limited time only… oh I threw that in to sound like a real advertisement. “Conditions apply….” hee hee.  I’ll give it a gold heart button to press. Puuurre Gooold… hee hee.

All of this money stuff is heading over to wildersoul.com as soon I as I get sorted with how it all works, and I have all the right buttons to push…. Big Red Button hasn’t been drawn up yet. Wonder what that one could be for!? Any suggestions?

For now… happy colouring, and have fun test-driving my worm-pecking machine! Oops I mean, the pink heart… you know, the Sellbox thingy! It isn’t as scary as you might think, and there is NO risk, no email collecting, no personal detail collecting. Plain old promo code is all I get to see. If there is something scary about it, could you please drop me a comment or email and let me know what it is? Thanks! (wildersoul@gmail.com)

But wait there’s more! (giggle)


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