A-Z, Let’s hear it for D!

Something old and something new

D exotica

Free Colouring Pic

Click the picture above to Open the 660 x 540px image.

Right-click and Open Image in new tab for the 300 x 245px image.

Save the image to your computer, or print from the screen.

(Nothing has changed, it is all business as usual for the free online colouring book).

Promotion Code – Something NEW

Calling on volunteers! I am preparing to make affordable colouring books available to therapists for 2014, and would appreciate it very much if you would test drive my Sellbox/PayPal method of selling online.  It’s important to me that people who need it most have access to this wonderful healing activity.

Enter this promotion code: ABCDEF

and instantly download the image for FREE at full size US Letter 8.5″ x 11″

Here’s a little preview

D exotica USL preview

And here is the pink heart to press to test-drive your promo code. (It’s as easy as ABCDEF)

Pink Heart

Press Me, and enter ABCDEF
to receive your pic for FREE

Love to hear your feedback. Let me know how it goes!

Privacy note – the serious stuff

Sellbox lets me know the date and time you ‘bought’ the pic for free,  the promo code, and no personal details. If you go through to PayPal, then PayPal lets me know by email, and through Sellbox, the date and time of transaction, transaction IDs, your email address, and the amount paid. Sounds fair? The only thing I wonder, is whether you guys trust me, and if not, then what would help you to trust me with this information? (I will not give out your email address, and I won’t use it to spam you.)


(aka Anasera Trifonoff.  Email wildersoul@gmail.com)

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