A-Z the Letter C

C is for Creative Community!

A new creative community has sprouted up at Kira and Zoe’s place. All writers, artists, poets, photographers, singers, musicians, jewelers, etc… come and check it out at wePoets Show It.

C exotica

C is for Courtesy of FontSquirrel.com, where fonts are free for commercial use.

Free Colouring pic Download

As per normal, click on the image to Save or Print. These colouring pics will be available for free until Feb 8, 2014. The bitmap image size is 660x540px. The resolution is slightly higher than screen quality, at 90dpi, which saves on download file size, and printing ink (or toner).

Very affordable One Year subscription $12.00

More info coming soon!

Updated About page

Check out the updated About page for the latest news.

This heading is tiny!

Receive an instant download of a colourful artwork by Tarina when you donate $2 or more. Secure payment through PayPal.com, integrated with Sellboxhq.com.  Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Pink Heart

Press the Pink Heart…

~Wildersoul aka Anasera Trifonoff



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