A-Z Let’s start with A

A to Z

A exotica

Free Colouring pic Download

As per normal, please click on the image above to Save to your hard disk or Open in a new tab to print out. These colouring pics will be available for free until Feb 8, 2014 unless something unforeseen gets in the way. The bitmap image size is 660x540px. The resolution is slightly higher than screen quality, at 90dpi, which saves on download file size, and printing ink.

Very affordable One Year subscription $12.00

More info coming soon!


12 thoughts on “A-Z Let’s start with A

  1. I’m glad you like them. I noticed on your blog you mentioned getting things down to a single focus…. that is what I have decided to do – focus on my colouring book art! 🙂 All the best with your singing, and songwriting!


  2. Funny when that sort of thing happens isn’t it? We must be in tune with the creative consciousness…… 🙂 (whatever that is! — the big stream of ideas rushing through the ether!)


  3. It must be a brother and sister mind meld thingymibob! I have been thinking about A to Z all day (see the earlier email) and you are drawing letters!! Nice work, sis!!


  4. Awww! That is so sweet of you! I have only gotten as far as the ‘P’ in the ‘framed’ ones and am on the ‘H’ in the free style ones…so I still have a ways to go yet. Each one takes anywhere from 6-12 hours of ‘continual’ work…of course I don’t work on them straight through like that all the time…just once in a while. I start to get writer’s cramp if I go too long.


  5. I started mine when I was ‘bed-ridden’ at the beginning of the year for two weeks and I was going crazy with boredom. (we don’t do TV in the normal sense…just dvd’s),
    I have so many hobbies and I wasn’t really able to get things sorted out enough to work on them. And no way was I going to let ‘p’ or my daughter loose in my topsy turvy grotto (It might be a disaster but it’s my disaster and I know where everything is….sort of) So I turned to pen and paper and my Rock-A-Doodle-Do’s were the result…now I just have to finish them…


  6. Naughty me – I am using a font… However, after zooming through the Reader and seeing everyone’s inspiring work under the “Alphabet” topic, I want to attempt making my own font. One day! Perhaps letter B will have an Anasera original to go with it. I have been feeling rather unimaginative the last few days. Making headway though!


  7. Wow!!!! That is really lovely!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of your letters! Are you also going to do symbols to go with the alphabet? Things like ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’, and some hearts. also numbers! that way people can spell out things like ‘krissie & phill’ or ‘krissie ♥ phill’ or ‘anasera’s art!’ ‘tarina ♥ music’ or a couple’s wedding day in the letters and numbers…any message can be spelled out!!! Beautifully done!!!!!


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