Description of The Healing Powers of Art Making

I also like to collect descriptions of the healing powers of art making. Thank you Fredricka and Natasha!

Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

I am always looking for good descriptions of what art therapy is and what makes art making so healing. Here is a great synopsis (written by colleague, art therapist Fredricka Brooks: website: which includes so many of the important aspects of the creative process of art making that makes it so powerfully healing:

“It has been my experience that people use and benefit from art-making in many different ways, including: making art as a way to be seen, finding pleasure and joy in the process, as a vehicle for self expression, as a way to communicate, as a way to care for oneself, a way of developing and learning new coping skills, relaxing, learning to work to completion, learning to self-start, and meditate. Art-making can increase self-esteem through pride about one’s work, creating meaning through making images, metaphors, and stories, witnessing oneself develop a visual language that is unique…

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2 thoughts on “Description of The Healing Powers of Art Making

  1. I write a blog about an art workshop I run at a drop-in center. A drop-in center provides many services including a meal. Members of the center have to be mentally ill to get services. I provide many images that they can color. Most of the participants color and it helps them relax and socialize.
    My art workshop also offers collage. A lot of the collages provide a nonverbal way of expressing things they can’t find the words for to express their trauma.
    I always provide an image in my blog to show what they are working thru. Thank you for reading my blog.


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