Geo Roundel Number 13, yippee, last one before the garden!

Geo roundel flower 13


This one has lots of smaller shapes within to colour. Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you would like this one in a larger page size.

Here is a bit of inspiration at a wonderfully creative blog by Selina Shapland. I just love her circles, and geometric shapes. Drop in for a quick browse if you have a moment.Introducing my Love Affair with Line and Geometric Drawings at Selina’s World.

When creating my own artwork here, and especially when I express myself through art as part of my own healing process, I do not worry about what other people will think of it. When it comes time to post the artwork it is a different story, and sometimes I struggle to post it because I really think it is no good, and of no benefit to anyone. Strangely, the ones I struggle the most with seem to attract positive comments which bring out points that I would never have seen in my own work. It often causes a sort of joyful bubbling up of giggles, almost like an expression of relief, when I change my negative view of my work, and see it for that bright flash of a moment, through somebody else’s eyes.

This top image seems to be one that a lot of people really like. Personally, I am not sure why? The reason is… to me it is a flop. I turned out okay-ish but it wasn’t what I had wanted to create when I put pen to paper. But I guess that is what happens with art. Sometimes you just make what you make and it is in the eyes of the viewer as to what they think is great. ~Selina Shapland

See more at

I really do find Selina’s words to be true. How about you?


9 thoughts on “Geo Roundel Number 13, yippee, last one before the garden!

  1. Beautiful! (The kaleidoscope and the mutinous jaw!)
    My nana used to have a tiny ballerina in a box with a lid. It played music when the lid opened, and I cannot remember if it had mirrors or not. I can imagine it clearly from your description. I love the thought of the kaleidoscope being filled with found objects. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words Wildersoul. I love your work. It is very healing just to look at. Of course, you know I am a huge fan of circles, lines and anything that brings one closer to their inner self and self discovery. S


  3. I have been saving strips of mirror taken from a small jewelry box that was my mothers. She had given it to me when I was a little girl and when you raised the lid a tiny ballerina twirled in front of a makeshift curtained stage. She was reflected back many times by 8 strips of mirror set in a crescent behind her. Childish hands and time were not kind to the little box, but I salvaged the mirrors.

    One day I’m going to make a set of kaleidoscopes from found objects and those mirrors…(they will be coming on the quest–sets jaw firmly in mutinous fashion)


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