Geo Roundel Flower No. 5

Geo roundel flower 5


This is a scheduled post. Do you see how it arrives exactly on the dot, on time? It’s exactly 9:00am here, and you may notice that tomorrow’s post will arrive at exactly the same time! That’s not because I am a highly efficient organized art posting machine… It’s because I foresee troubles with regularity over the next few days, so I want to drip feed these ones through. It has been a long-ish day, and I want to get the rest of my hard work posted before I get some shut-eye.

Some of the flowers are simple, some are more complex. I hope among them you find one that appeals. These circle pictures are searched for the most, out of all the pictures on my blog. So I thought I would make a whole ton of them, and print them out in a book.  Even bought some printer toner (ouch) and a guillotine thingy to make some books at home. Depending on the cost, it may end up cheaper to post them to people from home, than buy them online! Wouldn’t that be funny!

I’m having fun with it anyway.

Hope you are too!



One thought on “Geo Roundel Flower No. 5

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