Weekend Blank Frames

I would like to present a gift of some blank frames to colour in. They are so easy to make, and yet I often forget how much pleasure I get from colouring them! This will hopefully turn into a weekly offering, if I can get my new routine sorted!

The pic of the week will be showcased over at my new collaborative blog, sometime this week. I will let you all know how to find it once it is LIIIVE!!  If you want to let me know your favourite picture in the comments, I will consider including it in Pic of the Week too!

In the meantime, I have updated my author bio and book description for my paperback version of the Wildersoul Colouring Book, so please feel free to mosey on over and take a look. If you do happen to buy a copy, would you do me a biiiiiig favour, and write up a little review on Amazon, to share your thoughts. Good or bad is fine by me. Honesty is always the best policy, at least it is in my book!

weekend blank frame 1 weekend blank frame 2 weekend blank frame 4 weekend blank frame 5

Happy colouring, and a wonderful weekend to you all.

From the wacky and wonderful

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