Puddle person upside down

Looks different upside down!

What happens when you turn it different ways after printing it out? What do you see?


Happy colouring!



13 thoughts on “Puddle person upside down

  1. Brrrrrr.. yes me too! I want to go for a breezy walk before the cold winter sun sets! Speaking of sunsets…. late glowing rays over tropical reefs with silhouetted palm trees… blissful sigh… 🙂


  2. I have plenty of imaginary spending money, here, I will zip it down the imaginary wire to arrive in your virtual bank account! I see the stunning blue sea views and feel the gentle tropical breeze on my skin already. (*she says, bundling up against winter’s frostbitten fingers*)


  3. Oh you are giving me a giggle today. Tookishness is quite endearing, when it comes in Hobbit form. Timidness giving way to adventure, and overcome with great courage and love for friends.


  4. If I could choose…I’d claimTook descendancy because:♥:
    “Tooks were mainly of Fallohide Hobbit stock, and were more adventurous than the other Hobbits. They also had quite a reputation for unusual behavior, a quality not exactly valued by most hobbits. For this reason they were seen as less respectable, and for the same reason they were one of the richer clans. The Wizard Gandalf was a known, although disreputable, associate. Bilbo Baggins and Meriadoc Brandybuck both had Took mothers.

    ♥It is rumored that one of the Took ancestors had taken a fairy wife in the past and that blood left the clan not entirely hobbit-like.[1]”♥

    the above quote courtesy of http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Tooks


  5. Hahahaa – I was craning my neck sideways, wondering if I should rotate it left and right for everyone too, and I thought… noooo… people will print it out and turn the paper around….. hee hee. Or those handheld screens on phones and tablets can turn the image around too I think. I’m glad you like the image. Haven’t tried squinting at it yet…ahhh – yes.. it pops out. 🙂 THe Shire? Sounds like you are a Hobbit! Which shire are you from?


  6. Anasera you are too much!!!! I was just looking at ‘Puddle’ your previous post and was trying to look at it upside down and wishing I could figure out how to rotate the image…Do you read minds across the vast oceans between us? I’m not surprized as you ARE from the magical land of the Shire…

    it’s beautiful and I love getting lost in the image…and if you squint, even more reveals itself…
    -k- of k&p Catalano
    We’d Love it if you Followed along on our Quest!!!
    ‘♩♬♪♪♫♩Wouldn’t you like to be a PIBBER too?♩♬♪♪♫♩’


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