Koru hand-drawn in ink


The above is A4 page size, for kiwis, and I think for those of you in the UK.koru 911

This is e-book dimensions… ratio of 9:11 Handy for a small print-out.koru USL

You can colour this picture any way up you like. This one is set at US Letter size, 8.5″ x 11″

All of them are at my normal ‘screen’ resolution which is low quality, so as to take less time to display on the blog post. (90dpi.)

My daughter has inspired me to learn the GIMP graphics program, with her Chess and the Birds artwork.

So, while you’re busy colouring this one, I will be attempting to add colour to it via my computer….! (gulp!)

I really enjoyed hand-drawing this one with my ink pens. It scanned well, and I’m excited about what it might look like coloured. Koru is often used as a symbol of creation. (Try googling Koru)  Years ago I started this sort of thing with pencil Example 1, and Example 2

Well… something a bit different!

Happy colouring!



6 thoughts on “Koru hand-drawn in ink

  1. You’ve made my day, and encouraged me to keep it up! 🙂
    This is exactly the sort of kids I would most hope to help. I am very pleased to be of use in this way! Thank you for letting me know Deborah, and have a lovely day.


  2. Very, very cool! I work with troubled children and we love to color. Will be coloring some of your stuff, for sure! When other staff asks me where did you get those. I will be sending them to your site. Awesome stuff!


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