Topo islands

topo islands


I wonder what sort of colours to add to this one…

I kind of wish my printer worked. I am colouring with my imagination!

Embroidery thread is keeping me busy with colours on my butterfly bit of fabric. I’m getting there one stitch at a time. Incredibly calming. Different to sewing with a machine. There’s something soothing about choosing colours to create something…. dare I say it… beautiful. Plain black and white seems to attract colours to bring life, and vibrant energy… Or some sort of flavour, or emotion. Set a mood … something personal. Something individual. A reflection of nature, or the colours of a group.

What sort of colours would you add to this one?


2 thoughts on “Topo islands

  1. Thank you for the encouragement! I have 6-7 months to go of daiy uploads…. Sometimes it crosses my mind to have a break, and yet I fear that if I do…. well… what if I didn’t get back to it? I want to keep going, so I don’t stop. 🙂 If this cold gets too bad I might have to trim down to doing the pictures and that’s all until the cold passes over.


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