Knotted butterfly snowflake

knotted butterfly snowflake If you click on this first one, you’ll see more detail. The others are already at full size. It took me hours to load this one, as it has heaps of detail in it. The knotted butterflies are in the spokes of the snowflake. It started as a border, and I added the Celtic triangles at each end, and then it looked like a rolling pin. So I put three ‘rolling pins’ together, to make a triangle. Which looked a bit like a collar, or a medal. So I made three triangles and it looked like a deformed three-leaf clover. It looked incomplete and out-of-balance until I made it hexagonal. Seems like a snowflake to me now. Have I left enough room for you to colour it? There are lots of triangles inside the snowflake. Six to be exact. I will do more simple designs for the next couple of weeks. This sort of design would do well with a faster computer with more memory and storage. Two and a half hours of mostly waiting for the computer to think about making it small enough to fit on my blog. It’s not perfect and it would simply take far too much time to change it, so I won’t. 🙂 Please ‘scuse my moan tone… our family has come down sick. Not serious. Enough to feel grizzly.

knotted butterfly snowflake 2 knotted butterfly snowflake 3 knotted butterfly snowflake 4


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