Knotted Butterfly

Good  morning! This is once again a combination of a Celtic Knot, with an animal, geometric repeat pattern, and Mandala. And a bit of a step-by-step to the creation process…. Enjoy…

knotted butterfly 1

Step One: Scribble! It’s a bit like learning how to draw a star without taking your pencil off the paper.

knotted butterfly 2

Step Two: Smooth out the scribble. Embellish it a little. I found a star shape in the middle of the butterfly. Can you see it?

knotted butterfly 3

Step Three: I made an exact copy and shifted it up and to the left. This is to get ready for knotting it. I made the lines different colours to make it easier to work with.

knotted butterfly 4

Step Four: I pulled all the blue lines to one side of the black lines.

knotted butterfly 5

Step Five: I trimmed the places where the lines cross over each other. Decision time! Do I want the line to go Over, or Under the other line? As I do this, I imagine the lines are pieces of thick, heavy rope.

knotted butterfly 6

Step Six: I changed the colour and added a big border around the finished butterfly.

knotted butterfly 7

Step Seven: Flipping, moving, rotating, reflecting the images. This is fun. I like arranging them in a pattern.

knotted butterfly 8

Step Eight: I copy the pattern and repeat it, to make a border. What would you do with this sort of border design? Do you see it on fabric? Or paper?

knotted butterfly 9

Step Nine: Time to arrange the basic pattern into a border of Circles. A nice round picture of Unity… The two little butterflies balance the design. What does this picture mean to you?

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