Monday gotta get started – try something new…

Here is a combination of Mandala, butterfly, Celtic knot, and geometric repeat pattern…

(Oops – I forgot to add the repeat pattern! Here is it is here.)

blue butterfly 8

And here are the steps I took to make it.

blue butterfly 1blue butterfly 2blue butterfly 3blue butterfly 5

And of course it’s okay to colour the variations…

blue butterfly 5blue butterfly 6blue butterfly 7

Happy Colouring!


PS. Have you seen me furiously scribbling – at 8x speed – on these two videos?  The first video shows the creation of the drawing, and the second shows the drawing coloured in to completion.


Oh how many years I have waited to colour in the front cover of a book! I used permanent markers on my colouring book. If you would like one to colour, click the picture. It will take you through to Amazon.


3 thoughts on “Monday gotta get started – try something new…

  1. Funky! Wonderful encouragement – thank you! I must pass this butterfly pic on to the Butterfly Woman… thanks for jogging my memory! Such a tired brain today.


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