Frightened – Don’t be! It’s just a picture!

Come and do some window shopping with me. There are three books for sale; Comfort, Sadness and Frightened. Each book is $2.00. There is a coupon code now for the Comfort book.


Comfort Coupon Code 7E69FB

$0.60 discount. Normally $2.00 Only $1.40 with coupon. For a limited time.

Gosh I must be annoying! Sell sell sell… I’m getting carried away… Once the novelty wears off I will settle down a bit!

Frightened 5

Hey there, Go on… click on this big button to see my poor Frightened Colouring Book at Sellbox. 🙂


There’s also the Sadness Colouring Book at


Mustn’t forget – here is the pic to colour in for free.

Let’s call it “Try Before You Buy.”

Frightened 5 Cover

It won’t let me put it in any bigger. I think if you click it, you will find an enlarged copy to print out. I’m going to post it and find out.

     "Yep... it does get bigger (phew)"

Happy Colouring,

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