Daffodils to brighten your day!

Top o’ the morning to yer, I’m on a roll with the geometric repeat patterns, and accidentally stumbled upon a daffodil. At least that’s what it looks like to me… What do you see in this one?Daffodil bw

I am a single bloom… I am multiplied by four, and we protect a mini-me placed in the middle.

Daffodil tile bw

Looking at it from another angle… like, a 90 degree angle… With mini-me halves replicating outside the square…This has some genetic implications…  Daffodil tile w ctrbw

And here’s a grown-up mini-me, in full colour, dazzling the world.Daffodil

Have fun with the colouring! I can feel the summer warmth from the other side of Planet Earth when I look at this. Brrr. It is actually quite cold here today!



Check out some beautiful and interesting tessellations (or Tiles) at CSUN.




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