Blogscapades and Taming the Wild Thing

You can make what you like out of this one! Today I wrote my first real blog article, rather than talking about myself or doing art of one kind or another. It shows how to set up a special place for your colouring pics and poems. Check it out if you like!

Wildersoul Create~Express is where I keep my writing, and I have started a tab for Coloured-in Colouring Pics, which I hope may inspire you. Mostly though I am colouring because I must. The urge has caught up with me and painting is close on its heels.

So – what does this picture mean to you? And how would you colour it to show the difference in mood?


Have you seen those things before, that they are standing on? They’re supposed to be aΒ Rola-Bola.

16 thoughts on “Blogscapades and Taming the Wild Thing

  1. I know what you mean. But it’s good to do something different occasionally. The pic is great πŸ™‚ I love it cos there’s humour in it with the balding head :). Keep up the good work..;)


  2. Hey thanks for sharing your view! It’s interesting how everyone gets something different from the picture. I have a problem with getting characters to look the same, and this proves it — it seems everyone reckons it’s a picture of a guy and a gal!

    Some pointers from those who are more illustration or cartoon minded than myself: Lips get thinner when smiling, else they look like a gal’s mouth. Guys’ hair doesn’t move. Two figures need to be in two separate frames to make it seem like they’re the same person. And a rola-bola is all about circus and nothing to do with blogs. (sigh) I stand corrected.

    Ahh – I think I did succeed in portraying the emotions of frustration and concentration, contrasted with elation.

    Funny how Frustration called a particular person’s image to my mind. Happened to be a man who had a balding head at the time he was most frustrated or stressed in life. Oh I remember your Bald poem! πŸ˜‰

    I might be better off doing portraits instead of illustrations. Back to the drawing board! πŸ™‚


  3. I see him as struggling mightily and succeeding, finally – his face I just showing how much concentration he’s putting – so he should red, cream, and blue for success. She knows she’s on the brink of disaster and is grinning as she rolls into the lion’s den, should have pale, mourning colors.


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