Butterflies~ here they come!

As promised – butterfly pictures!

There is a series of larger pictures destined for a special colouring page for kids which is currently under construction at Butterfly Woman Publishing.

butterfly2 low-res

Nature has such a beautiful and complex balance.  We need butterflies, birds and bees to pollinate flowers. Without them the flowers would not set seed.

Look after your butterflies, plant the kinds of things they love to eat and lay their eggs on.  And appreciate their beauty, they are there for a purpose.  Perhaps their beauty is what tells us to take special care of them.

I don’t know an awful lot about butterflies, but I know someone who does! Mary Ellen the Butterfly Woman  works hard to save butterflies by building them a place to live, and telling people all about how to look after them. You can find her at Butterfly Woman Publishing.

Happy Flutter-byes!



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