Tweeting is Sweet!

I never thought I would tweet, and now here I am on Twitter!


Two things happened to convince me to join. A video by a guy who used to be a CEO in the publishing industry (the paper variety of publishing), and then OM at HarsH ReaLiTy started to tweet… and I figured it was time to leap in.  Oh yes, and just a little before that, Marcel the poet took the leap and started to tweet, and I wrote  the famous last words, along the lines of, “I am unlikely to ever start tweeting.”

It feels very natural to me, and easier to get around than some other social media.  I got carried away and was mistakenly suspended, so I am calling it a night for now.  Please bear with me while I figure out how it fits in with my colouring book and my other blogs.  Welcome to all visitors from the Twitter world! Please feel free to choose artwork to print out and colour.  Or join in with the wonderful poets who create a poem to go with a picture! (See the Poem Art page above, or visit Kira at

Now for the next artwork…

Perfect squares 3


Happy colouring!



(Still haven’t figured out what a hash-tag is for… I’ll get there… slowly!)


16 thoughts on “Tweeting is Sweet!

  1. Thank you Edie – I have enjoyed your support and cheerfulness right from the start of my adventure! I’ve also added my colouring book to the Art Is The Cure community at I think it might be of interest to you in your rehab work. 🙂 Lovely Jubblies to yer… Anasera


  2. Ahhh – I have that set up to go to Facebook, which I rarely ever log in to. So, perhaps that is something I could look into with tweets too!
    Chirpy little thing, Twitter! I’ll have to go find you and add you 🙂


  3. whoo hooo Twittering you go! I haven’t a clue what to do on Twitter. I just linked it to my WP account so every time I post to WP it weets fro me. (that should be it “tweets for” me. My keyboard wouldn’t let me go back to correct!)


  4. You’re so funny! and I meant that in a nice way 🙂 I opened a tweeter account a couple years back just for the heck of it and was surprised when I started getting followers! then I forgot all about it and started looking at it seriously a few months ago.
    It can be quite addictive like the other social media. I usually make up my own hashtags and have fun with it. I think I followed you, I’m @roxasmh. If I’m not on your list I must have been logged out whenI clicked the button…


  5. Giggle! To be sure! I will! #sanctuary (I’m just making up my own hash-tag! Let me know if anything happens in twitterland under #sanctuary!) 🙂 Funny I got suspended another two times, and each time they gave me a little apology and said it was by mistake! I’ll look you up next time I’m on! 🙂


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