Nah, it’s not a Knot, it’s a Tangle!

swan-9 640x480px 90dpi

(That’s MR Tangle to you!)  I have slept maybe one hour in the last 21 hours, and I am in that kind of strange space where this picture looks like some dude standing guard.  Superhero-type, with a cape!  Maybe glowing visor, and long moustache!  Can anyone still recognise the orginal ‘swan’ shape in the picture?  There are four of them.

Love to hear what you see in this one, and of course poems are welcome.  Also feel free to send in your colourful pics as it’s neat to see how everyone’s work is unique, even when colouring the same shapes.  Variety is wonderful.

I’m going to chatter off the 4am lull… don’t feel sleepy at all… just kind of hungry.  Maybe for some eggs…  I’ll go put the billy on the boil.


2 thoughts on “Tangles

  1. Big hugs!! You’ve brightened my whole day(s) with your poem! I see him so clearly! And you’ve got him to a tee. Hope lots of people give him a bit of bright colour. I think he will suit it! 😉
    We should get some sleep – I’m kind of too tired to sleep if you know what I mean? (Off to boil some water and hope it will turn into a nice drink!)


  2. Oh My……I totally see Mr. Tangle.

    One rather odd upside down day
    Mr. Tangle found himself in quite a state
    A state upsetting, a state unnerving
    A state that makes him quite irate.

    His hair reaches up to the clouds
    His moustache reaches upwards, too
    His arms just droop by his side
    Making it impossible to fix this hairdo.

    “Maybe when someone colors me,
    I shall not look such a fright,”
    He ponders and waits for such a soul
    To color him nice and bright.

    lol….I know, I know…..I did not get much sleep last night. Hugs!!!


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