Perfect Square

(Warning – there is a business poll at the lower half of this post! It might make me spend money, depending on the results!)

Wonder who else is learning how to draw knots and geometric shapes along with me? This one is messing about with tessellations.  The trick is to make a perfect square and then cut a piece off and stick it on the outside of the square.  With this picture I took two corners off, and shifted them.  Then copied, flipped, and rotated the modified ‘square’ four times.  Can you spot the repeated shape?

Perfect squares

That’s the start of tessellations – I want to find how to join them together like Escher does, and turn them into birds and fish!

For now, this is a weird shape that keeps changing its mind whenever I look at it!

Is it a house? Now a T-shirt? A cat sitting with its tail curled around?  An elephant’s head, with trunk and tusks?

I have uploaded a number of pictures either PDF, or PNG, at a higher resolution than these free ones.  If you’d like to have a look, and test-drive my shop, please visit me at…. Sounds pretty flash ay?  It only cost me $12-ish all up.  Payments are handled securely by PayPal.  If you want to test-drive the site, please let me know what you think, really, as I haven’t run a shop before and want to find out what I must spend money on to make it the best experience for my blog shoppers!  Love to hear your comments. Good and bad.  Especially bad – please point out the faults!

Perhaps a poll….

Hahaha – that’s a big poll! It was fun making it anyway! Let’s see how much money I have to fork out to start my business properly…


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