Celtic beauty

Just have to share this link to truly beautiful Celtic designs on a clock and a door harp!  Thanks Eric Wilson! http://pipenbass.wordpress.com/category/uilleann-piping/

Now that I’ve mastered knotting basic squares and circles, I am inspired to move into some spirals, and combinations of shapes…

Here’s some Celtic music – I really enjoyed watching the video. http://pauseforfermata.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/the-butterfly-celtic-women/

Tied Tied-1 Tied-4


Yeah, well, I don’t know if these are actually Celtic…. They are definitely a combination of squares and circles to make the knot though!  I am getting there – one step at a time…


3 thoughts on “Celtic beauty

  1. It’s a day by day thing for me – and I love finding inspiring work to look at and learn from. Knots are hard work! Very rewarding though – I recommend having a go! The trick seems to be to put a twist in it, a bit like a figure 8. I started with sharp corners, and doodled on a makeshift graph I sketched up. Hope you have fun with it!


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