Brilliant Ideas, and Mothers…

Has everyone found where I write stuff yet? Wildersoul Create~Express.


I am catching on to OM’s brilliant idea (see and am starting to produce pictures that don’t make it on to my free online colouring book.  Although they are not destined for an ebook, I am getting used to not sharing them.  Sounds strange?

Everything I draw each day, I have shared for the last, oh, about three months now?  And it has been astounding where this daily drawing habit has led me.  Not only to holding my own colouring book in my hands.  There are people whose names I recognise and whose comments I look forward to reading every day.  And a huge truckload of interesting people I would like to get to know better.

For a hermit like me, this is astounding progress.

My mind spins with thoughts of where I could go with publishing, and art, and poetry, and blogging…  and then it hits me…

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