Knotted Circles Four

The womb.  Life growing one cell at a time linking and multiplying.  Pushing the boundaries. Always asking for more. Seeking unity. Seeking true form.  Becoming. And irrevocably entwined.  It’s me.  One circle.  And each circle inside.knotted circles four



One poem for a change.  Feel free to add your own… If you’re not too shy, drop a link in the comments…

12 thoughts on “Knotted Circles Four

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  2. Oh goodness – I found it here in a huge mountain of notifications that backlogged on me. Of course you are welcome to publish it and use my art. Thank you for putting your beautiful poem here, I do want to keep reading it. (hugs)


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  4. the love addition

    Birth and death circle life,
    but contain life and sleep.
    In the four, many secrets turn
    lidded eyes toward living,
    placing death within its keep.

    The sleeping living wake
    to find life streaming, and deep.
    The woken, find death waiting
    by, and open hearts churn,
    then steep, learn to take

    every step with earned pride
    and a learned tithing,
    and giving back to life
    where life has opened its eyes
    to us, died a thousand times

    for us, and opened universe-wide.
    Gone to all four corners, and back.
    Breathed to the four winds.
    Sighed for miles,
    opening a dew-glazed path styled

    in interlocking rings and math.
    I am equasioning the four-fold track,
    questioning life chapters
    like closed eyes question the aftermath
    of waking up blind

    to where earths poles are at.
    Or being born out of time
    and finding sleeping pasts
    to climb in to, incubate in, and wait
    for soul-storms to pass, then finally abate.

    Born into life, into life, into sleep.
    Die while asleep, birthing life,
    keeping breath, a stream, moving
    through generations of living
    wakers, life-giving and heat-open:

    dividing four into one life:
    Love, the four-fold token.

    There you go WS. I’d like to publish it and use your art, if you dont mind. I’ll link back of course.


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