has my colouring book ready for you!

Oops – I was trying out a reblog for one of my posts, and forgot to write something on it!  Exciting news – after only two weeks, my box of 10 paperback colouring books has arrived!  It was the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long while.  There is something really special about holding your own book in your hands.  It’s like a new birth.  The birth of a new life for me.  It may not be some grand masterpiece hanging in a hall of fame and glory… which perhaps some may expect for an artist…

It may not be filled with deep and meaningful truths, which perhaps some may expect…

It is a colouring book, unlike any other I have ever seen.  I love the glossy cover, and the extra couple of blank pages at the end.  I love how there is no preamble, no words inside… It’s open to interpretation.  It’s strong enough to stand alone, and yet there is room for someone to make it personal, make it their own – by adding their own words or pictures, and definitely by adding ~CoLoR~

Happy Colouring All!


Wildersoul Colouring Book

The moment has arrived and here is the link at

Or, visit and search for “Wildersoul.”

All the best, and wishing you all a colourful world of expression.


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