Strange kiwi bird

kiwi kiwi2

Yes…. this is the place where you are allowed to add your own unique marks to the drawings!  Have fun!  And choose some groovy colours…



15 thoughts on “Strange kiwi bird

  1. Aahhh – so you don’t have to ‘do’ anything over there? Glad to hear it’s useful to people who prefer facebook. My pics publish there automatically. I’m off now – early to bed, early to rise. 🙂 All the best with your art, poetry, studies, move, and new love. 🙂 –‘–,–‘–<@


  2. I have a wildersoul colouring book page, which I don’t know what to do with. And I just about never go on to my personal page. I like wordpress blogs better. What do you do with your RFB facebook page? I had a little look, and discovered your most wonderful pencil drawings, which I remember first commenting on ages before I got talking with you. Very talented artist. Love your work. Spotted an ink and watercolour of yours on your blog too. Beautiful.


  3. Haha – you’re funny. I like distilled studies which infuse into poetry. Might look you up on facebook. 🙂 Maybe. I don’t use it really.


  4. What I’m studying is too much…it all comes out in my poetry eventually, or on the fb companion page. The girl.. yes, you are allowed to ask WS! hahahahahahahaahhahahah cant say yet. very excited. yah busy. I wont disappear tho. no way.


  5. Silly! You’re sshshhh-ing me in public on my blog comment page! IN LOVE!! (oops, that wasn’t very quiet… naughty me). Am I allowed to ask who with? 😉 Soooo nosey aren’t I! That’s a ton of poems! Well done! What are you studying? And all the best for your move. Stressful stuff, moving… No wonder your attention was split! 🙂


  6. sleep, my fb page, I’ve written maybe 12-14 poems so far today… 2 poetry interactive battles going on… study… lots of study.. I love it tho! O, I am also packing, and planning my move to Orange County, California in a month. And….. I am in love ‘) Shhhh


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