Mountain falls – a waterfall landscape

mountain falls

Hello everyone! I like describing the picture a bit, for all of you who may receive this in your email with the images turned off for quicker downloads!  There’s a waterfall cascading down a tall bush-clad mountain, and the sun is setting above it, with radiant arms stretching up through the cotton wool clouds.  Leaves droop down to frame the top left of our view, giving the impression we are standing at a great height, looking across a valley which drops away beneath our feet.  The thunderous waterfall continues downward out of our range of vision, and we imagine it churning and foaming into a silvery river which threads its way along the valley floor until it disappears into the dense dark mass of trees…

Normally I leave it up to your imaginations, and today I feel like being DIFFERENT.  So here are some ideas, for those who may like a little encouragement to pick up some colours and have a go…  Remember, any colours are okay anywhere – this is your time to express yourself.  Scribble or carefully draw.  Pencils, felts, markers, pens or paint.  Crayons, fabric, collage, stitching. Tea stains, ink, dye or coloured scraps of paper.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this – paint with your fingers, cut out the picture, tear things… have fun and let loose!  It’s easy enough to print off another one.  Or have a go drawing your own!  Feel free.  Create.

Ok.  Here’s some things to try…

Pale blue waterfall, and very dark green mountain and trees – darkened up with black.

Stripes of rainbow colours falling down the waterfall.

Red sky and orange waterfall.

Yellow waterfall, green bush and blue sky.  Very dark leaves in the foreground – silhouetted.

Zigzags and triangles made with different thicknesses of black lines, filling only the waterfall.  All the rest of the picture in plain flat colours.

All sorts of circles and spirals through the sky and waterfall… and bold hatching through the bush.

A glow of yellow around all the wiggly lines that are supposed to be the tops of trees on the mountain.  Blue and white stripey waterfall. And a deep dark red and orange sunset.  With a yellow and pale orange sun.

That’s all I got for today!  Come up with a million ideas of your own now… have fun!

Happy Colouring,



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