200 Following Wildersoul Colouring Book!

Welcome to my 200th follower Morfiazoi at http://findthemind.wordpress.com/  I love the affirmations on Morfiazoi’s post “exhale-affirm-inhale,” and also the beautiful photo of the stepping stones over a pond.  If you look close there’s a large fish swimming near the stones.  Just love the part of the story where the affirmations get a bit wet.  And how it turns out well in the end.

Here’s the latest pic to colour in:  A Riverscape with Mountain Views…



Aren’t I mean – I have left spaces for you to get creative and add your own plants or rocks or unicorns.  Maybe your favourite local native trees, or monkeys.  Butterflies or dragonflies…  Have fun colouring your own little piece of this imaginary world.

You guys are awesome.  Thank all 200 of you for following me on this adventure.


13 thoughts on “200 Following Wildersoul Colouring Book!

  1. That was so fun! Loved reading all the poems, amazed at how they are made of the same words! And loved taking up the challenge to create. Nice catching up with Kira, too. Thank you Jim!


  2. Hey no worries, J, all is forgiven ay? You’re welcome anytime. I filmed my hand drawing a riverscape with mountains and then colouring it all in. It took half an hour, so I may trim it down a bit! Unless someone wanted to kind of have me there in the background while they coloured their own pic for half an hour! It’s doodling really. Focuses my mind and is quite calming. Good for taking my mind off things. 🙂


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