Another knot – getting a bit Celtic

I am fascinated by Celtic knot designs.  And you guys will see me start from zero ability in making them, to hopefully getting quite good.  I encourage all to try something new, and keep on at it, learning more as you go along.  A little bit each day really does start adding up to something.  I’ll let you know the sum when I’ve finished tallying it all up!

knot 2


There are so many colourful possibilities.  Also, have you tried pencil or ink pen, or a thin black marker to add your own design to this basic framework?  (Yes, unicorns are allowed!)  Can’t wreck it – even scribbles on top are fine.  Print another one until you’re happy with your expression for the day. 🙂





10 thoughts on “Another knot – getting a bit Celtic

  1. Well, that wasn’t so hard to hear for the first time! (Is it because I’m a girl?)

    Wouldn’t happen to be Glaswegian roots would they?

    &@ &@ &$ $% # oops, I’m a-frayed my knots have come undone!

    I noticed there’s also a piece that’s fallen off my knot picture in this post. Did you spot it?


  2. anyone ever comment and say, “i just dont like you”.
    now they have see? moving on, WS! you are going to make ole Scottish roots bubble up in me and break into knots. @ & <–like those. yours are way better.
    make sense? hehe


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