Geometric Repeat Patterns: 2

geometric repeat 3 orig

Here’s the first of a series based on this design.  It gets a bit intricate as I squish copies of itself together in different ways. I will load a number of pictures today, to make sure no-one runs out of colouring for the next week or two.  I want to get ahead of myself so I do a bit more colouring too!  Also, I have some serious thinking about the income side of life, and will be having a pow-wow with family to hopefully sprout some good ideas.  Setting up for self-employment needs a bit of loving support I reckon!

Ha – I am looking around my room which is chocka-block full of damp laundry dangling from every imaginable corner!  We’ve had the third most rainfall for the area since sometime in the 1800’s!  Just when I really needed to get lots of laundry done.  That’s Murphy’s Law, right?

Hopefully there will be lots of sun and wind today.

I’m going out today, rain or shine, as I feel cooped up.  Can’t even remember if I went out the front door yesterday at all.  Oh – something pretty amazing happened yesterday.  We, here at Wildersoul House, made a Space Face video in one day.  Yes just one day!  That’s pretty amazing to me.  No, no, it is not very good at all.  And I am not sure I want to show it yet, or at all!  So maybe there will be some re-shooting, and more editing today.  Mostly I need to create the actual characters better.  It’s almost like this attempt is a mock-up for the real thing to follow.  Learning a lot as we go.

I may post it, with a warning that is totally amateur and has a lot of room for improvement….. I got some laughs out of it though.  It was fun to make.  Actually, isn’t that what all of this creative stuff is about?  Letting go of what is known and tested, and stepping into something new and as yet undiscovered.  Making a mark on a blank canvas, or filling a blank screen.  Well I have convinced myself…. I will load up the video to show that it’s okay to do stuff and it doesn’t have to look like an experienced professional’s work from the get-go.  Hee hee… I am a bit nervous about this one.

Maybe it’s a bit like creating a life – it takes a while to get it into the shape you’d like it!

It’s lovely to be surrounded by all of you creative people. Thank you for being here in this moment.  Wishing you many moments of creative wonder and joy.

Cold feet!  I will check with my Wildersoul Creative Team to see if they want to bare our new video to the world.  (scurries off to check…)

Happy Colouring,



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