Geometric repeat patterns: Chevron

repeat chevron


I’m new to chevron-making!  Hope to get some more complex geometrics done, with repeat patterns.  I like tessellations, and it would be cool if I could get good at them.  Hope you can put up with me learning on the job!

Happy Colouring,


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2 thoughts on “Geometric repeat patterns: Chevron

  1. Amazing how coloured pencils don’t dry up, even after three years! Love them! 🙂 Have fun colouring. I want to have a go at this one myself. I’ve been having ideas about superimposing another copy of it on top of itself, facing the opposite direction… Might try that tomorrow!
    All the best,


  2. Awesome!
    (Now, where are my markers? Dried Up? REALLY!? It’s only been 3 years…that’s okay, got my colored pencils right over here…)


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