Well it sure isn’t the kind of colouring book that is normally found in shops for kids.  This is kind of a mix of drawing whatever comes into my head, (which may or may not suit everyone’s tastes!), and learning how to handle the computer pen.  I am starting to think of posting some colourful pics in the comments, of the few that I do actually colour!  A lot of them, I really wonder (like this one) what it would look like coloured-in.  What if it were purple?  Or fiery red and yellow.  Or ocean blues and greens?  Maybe deeper greens, and browns of a forest, or pinks and rainbow colours of a fantasy-land. (With creatures added, who live there!)

So, I recommend doing the same, if you are so inclined, draw anything and do it every day.  Never know what it might lead to.  My life has become ever so busy, and creatively-focused.  I do so hope to make a bit of income from some sort of creative endeavour.  Just over a couple of months ago I would not have hoped for such a thing.

It is a little nerve-wracking making a book, and now that it is all uploaded for review, there are so many different ways of doing it that run through my head.  I had to put my foot down and tell myself, “It’s the first one, there will be more, and all those ideas can be put into the next one.”  Still can’t get over how it took longer to make the cover, than it did to make the inside!  I want to spend more time planning out the inside next time.

In the meantime,

“Happy Colouring!”


PS – I am looking forward to putting my book ‘on special’ for zero dollars, and I will post to let all you colouring enthusiasts know when it happens!  Stay tuned….  (oh the suspense!)


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