A little birdie told me…

a little birdie told me

I am not sure about this one, and decided to post it anyway, and you can make your own minds up.  The pen is taking on a mind of its own, and I don’t know if this is exactly ‘colouring in’ material.  Although, I would love to see what it looks like coloured in!  That does it… I will print this now, and start colouring it in the morning.

As always,

“Happy Colouring,”




5 thoughts on “A little birdie told me…

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  2. Hahaha – I was just thinking about this picture and how people tell me “You’re reading too much into things” Hehe. Glad it isn’t just me! Must find the right music!


  3. Given the right piece of music I can see this turning and evolving, like fantasia! I see the bird and the land as one. Flying by and within at the same time. Put that bloody LSD away Chris! Lol
    Like it a lot!


  4. Nice! That’s what I drew. 🙂 I thought the overall shape of the drawing looked a bit bird-shaped though. Either head and beak, or flying?


  5. It looks like a river flowing towards me with the hill slope or river bank on the right. Not very imaginative (its not a bird) but that’s what I saw 🙂


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