Today I used a black background and a white pen-stroke to work on three layers of this picture, much like making a lino-cut or monoprint.  I think there is more in this picture than I can see at present.  That happens sometimes.

monolith black


Here are some variations.  I have changed the background to red in this one.  I am guessing that some people may not have a printer, or do not wish to colour in on paper, and so there are other options to add colour.  I really don’t mind if you use any of my free online colouring pictures to pull into your computer and colour in digitally.  Modify, adapt, use as a starting point, go for it. 🙂

monolith red



Here’s one with big white gaps to colour as you please.  I am wondering if anyone has tried colouring over the entire picture with wax crayon, and then scratching away at it to reveal what is underneath.  I am also thinking about doing some colour photos, with black and white colouring areas within it.  Specially for people who have colour printers! 🙂



And this one is the background, on its own, in black and white.

monolith bkgrd



All the best.



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