Old Man Winter dreams

old man winter dreams


Well it had to happen one of these days.  I have what I call a tablet and pen, which is not the thing that people call a ‘tablet’ which is more like a phone and internet on a flattened laptop.  My old-fashioned tablet is a flat rectangular pad which plugs into my computer with a USB cable, and I can ‘draw’ on it with a ‘mouse’ shaped like a pen.  So here is a real sketch, not so much an outline or cartoon.  Felt like I was ‘missing’ something when I got up from my late afternoon catch-up on sleep.  And this is what came out!  (After wandering aimlessly through the house, and through my blogs, and stumbling to catch a phone call which cut off just as I picked it up.)

I am aiming at an early night to cure me of the ‘sleepwalking’ feeling, after staying up all night to get my paperback colouring book finished and sent off to Amazon.  It might only be a day or two more before it is available to buy online.  I will post a link to it somehow so you can have a peek.  Who knows, maybe you’d like one to keep!

Love, peace, and sweet dreams to you all.  Or, wishing you sunshine and at least one smile for your day. 🙂



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