Funny Bird, a bit of nonsense…

funny bird

I don’t know what to say about this funny bird.  Perhaps the big old climbing tree chopped down out the front of our place has seeped into my art.  It was very sad, and somehow related to family and grandparents.  I tried to make a graph paper symmetrical picture, really I did!  This funny bird stepped out on the scene and grew a chopped tree under its feet.  Does that ever happen to you when you’re doodling??

Happy Colouring…. and other creative pursuits like, um, stringing beads into a necklace….?


Necklace and bracelets Necklace close up

Where does your colouring journey take you?  Does one thing lead to another?


2 thoughts on “Funny Bird, a bit of nonsense…

  1. Ha HA ha HA!! Now I reeaaally know what “Laugh Out Loud” means! Got a good couple of minutes chortling about the bird… he really *does* look like he’s saying that!


  2. He looks like he’s saying: what?! Am I not allowed on this stump? Stop watching! Don’t draw me! Stop it! Pft!


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